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Golden Nuggets: Happy Memorial Day, No New News

Hello everyone. Happy Memorial Day. Hope everyone is getting the most of their three day weekend. It's going to have to be a fast Nuggets today, as I'm writing from a friends house. My internet is out again, so I'm diving straight into the links so I can let my friends have dinner in peace.

And, guess what? Not much to pick you know the routine, faithful followers. If you come across anything pertinent, post it in the comments below. And go and enjoy the extra day off. I looked at the weather in my hometown of Fairfield CA and the overnight low is colder there than it is here, and we've got winter weather. Get what you can out of it!

Here is's take on Harbaugh and the Indy 500. It was reported on yesterday, so this isn't terribly new. Harbaugh has always loved cars and took his love to the next level when he was traded to the Colts in 1994. He was a founding partner of Panther Racing who's driver, JR Hilebrand is a lifelong Niners fan from Sausalito. | Harbaugh and the Indy 500. (

Would Drew Brees sit out the 2012 season? This article implies that he could (doubtful) and explains the ramifications due to the new CBA. He could be available to the open market for the 2013 season. How and why is difficult to explain (read the article) and I include this piece because it mentions the 49ers as a possible landing place. | If Brees sits out 2012... (ProFootballTalk)

And well....since I can't find any more links, I'll include these few. Last years predictions for the 2011 season.

ESPN's 2011 predictions. (ESPN)'s 2011 predictions. (

Fox Sports' 2011 predictions. (Fox Sports)

Peter King's 2011 predictions. (

Notice any patterns there? Wish I had more time and I'd come with a game or a trivia question. I'll see you in a few days.

Being a Sheep

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