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Golden Nuggets: No News, Perhaps Alex Smith Should Talk Some More Trash

Good morning folks. Unfortunately, we've hit another dead spot in the offseason - not much is going on right now and as such, I'm not going to spend much time on the Nuggets today. I'm just going to get you your links and be on my way, though I'm sure many of them are repeats. Let's just get to 'em, yeah? Enjoy.

Numbers don't support Alex Smith's claims about Cam Newton (PFT)

Why the RB-rich 49ers? Hampton says no team wanted him more (Branch)

Willis' role as peacemaker in Smith-Panthers Twitter twit (Maiocco)

Switching gears: The Indy 500, Harbaugh and Hildebrand (Branch)

Niners' Jim Harbaugh provides example for Indy 500 team (

Alex Smith shows a new, interesting, dare-we-say-Harbaugh-ian edge (but it's not that new) (Kawakami)

Being a Sheep

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