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San Francisco 49ers OTAs Are Back In Action

The holiday weekend is officially behind us, and the San Francisco 49ers return to the practice field for another week of offseason training activities. The team will conduct OTAs today, tomorrow and Thursday. The team is allowed a fourth day of workouts in a non-OTA environment, which could happen on Friday. The team will conduct four days of OTAs next week, and then follow that up with a mandatory three-day minicamp June 12 to 14.

The team can use these OTAs to work on a lot of fundamentals and implementing the offense and defense. The team obviously implemented plenty of the playbook last season, but without a true offseason before training camp (Camp Alex aside), the team can use this time to really get into the nuances of the playbook. The addition of variety of weapons is a great help, but getting the basic time to work with the playbook is so huge.

Naturally Coach Harbaugh is excited about the offseason and the opportunities it provides:

"It's been fun. This is great to be back out here. Guys have been working fanatically. Our veterans have definitely done that. The rookies that have been here for the past two weeks, they've seen a great example, and they're busting their tails. A lot of excitement with the football team, coming off the season they had last year. But, they're just Gung-ho. They're Gung-ho for the program and what they can accomplish each and every day. So, it's been five great weeks and week six is going very well as well."