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2012 NFL Draft: Reviewing the Arizona Cardinals

Now that the draft is done, we can look at what sort of weapons our 13 upcoming opponents have added. Just like with our Free Agency posts, I will start by examining the NFC West before moving on to the rest of our most embittered enemies!

One strategy for running a team, or any competitive entity, is to put yourself in your opponent's shoes. Think to yourself, if I were the opposition, what would I not want to happen right now. Then, do it.

Obviously, there are some flaws with this logic. Glaring enough that I don't need to point them out here. But, this is how I felt when the Cardinals picked WR Michael Floyd. I was watching the draft with my buddy, and we both pretty much said to each other, "man, wouldn't it be bad if they took Floyd?"

And lo, they did. It's a good pick, I think. Teams will have problems covering both Fitz and Floyd, if the latter lives up to his potential.

Obviously, the big question for the Cardinals remains who will get them the ball. Last year was a veritable carousal of the who's who under center. We got to see the whole QB depth chart. I would imagine that from a few standpoints, including financial investment, the Cardinals are firmly in team Kevin Kolb. That could change, though. And, in regards to the draft, the Cardinals did take QB Ryan Lindley from San Diego State in the sixth round.

Another big area of need for the Cardinals was the offensive line. Because the Cardinal's lacked a second round pick, I thought that they might miss out on some good talent. This was only furthered by their selection of CB Jamell Fleming in the 3rd round, which was a pick I found puzzling at the time, though in retrospect I think it was a pretty solid pick. The secondary was further complimented with 6th round pick CB Justin Bethel

In the end, though, the Cardinals made what I think could be their best pick when they chose T Bobby Massie in the 4th round. Massie was a player who was projected to go in the second round, maybe even late-first. I think that's great value in the fourth. He is joined on the o-line by 5th round pick G/T Senio Kelemete and 7th rounder T Nate Potter.