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SB Nation's YouTube Channel: A Little Something For Everybody

Over the past week I've posted videos involving draft recaps of each day. For those who are not aware, SB Nation has undertaken a fairly massive YouTube project that involves a whole host of content across the network. Some are basic reactions from the many different SB Nation blogs. Others are regular features like Bomani & Jones and Shutdown Fullback. And there are a whole random mix of bizarre and entertaining events we send people to, including a party hosted by Jason Pierre-Paul and Kate Upton, the NFL Draft (VIP vs. fan perspective) or an NFL PLAY 60 event.

As we head into the summer, things will quiet down in terms of football news. However, I'm helping to develop some video projects. For example, I've been talking with the studio about putting together some video to analyze the depth chart heading into training camp. They have some awesome graphics people and the production quality on the studio videos is pretty amazing. I'm thinking we can come up with some fun video to break down the depth chart position-by-position. We are limited in terms of video we can use, but there is a lot we can do with graphics.

In the meantime, this video below is something Amy K. Nelson put together about former Kansas City Royals player Willie Mays Aikens. It's 10 minutes, so not too long, but it's an interesting look at the rise, fall and rise again of Aikens. It's unrelated to football, but it's still Interesting stuff.

Shutdown Fullback (College Football meets Tim & Eric -- New episodes every Friday): If you've ever wondered what it would look like to see a video version of threads on, we ll here you go. Simultaneously a college football talk show and unintentional postmodern art project, I personally guarantee Spencer Hall and Jason Kirk will make you laugh (or else they've duff'd it). Essential Viewing: Bobby Petrino Fired episode with hot blonde assistant -

Bomani & Jones (All sports; opinion and commentary -- New episodes Monday and Thursday): Around the Horn contributor and known Twitter user Bomani Jones is Bomani & Jones: sketches and commentary with no excuses. Think Chapelle's Show for the internet and the sports world. Essential Viewing: Oklahoma Thunder are the Rolling Stones:

Full Nelson (All sports; Outside the Lines with a sense of humor -- New episodes every Wednesday): Athletes, Access, and Culture. Full Nelson takes an inside look at the most interesting stories from the world of sports in a beautiful, different, and always interesting package. Host Amy K. Nelson joined SB Nation after years of reporting for ESPN and regularly appearances on OTL and First Take andFull Nelson offers something new every week. Bonus points to Full Nelson for having the most-viewed video of our whole channel with Amy's perilous tour of a Duke bar during the Duke/UNC matchup. Check it out here: