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Patrick Willis Updates 49ers Fans and Media After Workouts

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It's always good to hear positive words from the team captain and leader of your favorite sports team. 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis sat down for a few words with Niners media guru Scott Kegley. Willis went on to talk a bit about workouts, as well as the team mentality and goals.

"I told the guys the first day out, that we've got something special and that I'm very honored and fortunate to be a part of what we have here. But what we did last year don't matter, you know, its all about doing it over again and doing it better," Willis commented. The All-Pro went on to add, "And we have the guys here that understand that and that's what makes it good. And that's what makes it fun. From the weight room to on the field, you see them going -- no ones relaxing, taking it easy or feeling like we got it made. Everyone is doing something to get better everyday."

The 49ers are still building as a team, but thankfully and remarkably, they are building on the defense from last year. San Francisco is now fielding the league's fiercest defense, and they are trying to make it better. Because of a lot of the variables such as all 11 starters returning and expanding the playbook, it's feasible the defense does get better as a whole.

"I feel like right now and these next two months is what builds going into the season. And to have the nucleus of guys we have here, participating and just bonding and getting to know one another, and the comradarie between us is really going to pay dividends," Willis added.

Willis suggests that he is working on his pass coverage skills, as are the other linebackers:

"In our defense, we don't want to have any weaknesses. I'm not saying we're a perfect defense because were not; there's a lot of things we've got to work on and get better at. But for the most part, when you have linebackers that can go and are able to line up in the slot an have to drop in coverage, and have to cover man to man, and you can better move and do what DB's (defensive backs) do. So you know, that's just some of the things we're just working on and trying to get better on at this time," said Willis.

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