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49ers Practice Video, May 30: One Piece Of The Puzzle

The 49ers released some more practice video yesterday. Given that the team is implementing the playbook without live contact, it's hard to fully comprehend what is happening without knowing the playbook or seeing the full context of the video.

While it seems kind of blah watching this in the abstract, I imagine this would be rather interesting to see on a daily basis and see chunks of the playbook develop before your eyes. For example, in a part of one video we'll see the offensive linemen practicing a blocking scheme. Elsewhere we'll see the wide receivers working on some routes. Elsewhere, we'll see the running backs running through some drills. Bring it all together and it paints a total picture. Unfortunately, we're stuck with a few spots of paint here and there, leaving us to guess at the final product.

Such is the life of fans during practices that are mostly closed off to the media and entirely closed off to the public. We'll hear much more once training camp gets going, and then the first preseason game will provide even more of a glimpse at the development. Last year, we had no real basis for the team's development beyond what we saw in 2010. This year, the team returns largely intact from 2011, which means we'll have a significant baseline from which to judge the development. It's just one more reason to get excited about August and September.

Head after the jump to check out some May 30 practice video.

May 30 Practice Video