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49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh on KNBR

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On Thursday, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh joined KNBR radio for a half-hour long chat. Coach Harbaugh had some interesting things to say as per usual, keeping 49ers fans on the edge of their seats awaiting the 2012 season.

The first thing that Harbaugh had said that would please fans was when he expressed his adoration for his job. "Just very fortunate to do what I love, and work hard at it. Just very blessed to be doing something I love," Harbaugh said about coaching the 49ers.

As the conversation began, Harbaugh shared some kind words about Junior Seau before getting into discussion about the team. The 49ers coach was asked early on about the schedule, using it as an opportunity to talk about the week one match against the Packers.

Harbaugh commented, "That’s who we’ve been studying and that’s what I want our team focused on, winning that first week." He then added, "We’re going to concentrate and do our best to find a way to win the opener." He admitted to already watching film on Green Bay and views this as a statement game to the rest of the league. I expect the 49ers to look sharp in week one.

"We’re a football oasis inside of a construction zone. Here we are, we’re fighting to get better but we’re building."

The 49ers coach was also asked about his first two draft selections in first round wide receiver A.J. Jenkins and second round running back LaMichael James.

"We have a team that we feel is a big, strong, fast team, how were built right now. And whatever position group we drafted into, there was no glaring need. But it’s also true that A.J. and LaMichael James are two players we highly coveted, and we felt we had a chance to get A.J. at the end of the first but no later. We felt LaMichael would have a chance in the mid-second round. And that’s the way we went."

He added about their ability as players:

"And they’re not just fast. They’re impeccable on the field. And they’re impeccable off the field."

And finally, KNBR's host talked about Harbaugh's philosophy as a coach, while making note of his early success. Harbaugh eluded that it wasn't just one big thing that he does as a coach:

"I love the little things. And I never think that it’s one thing that ever makes a difference. I think it’s a thousand little things that most people don’t think mean much. And all those little things add up to make all the difference."

It was good to hear from coach Harbaugh as the 49ers are gearing up to make a real run in year two of the Harbaalke era. The coach seemed focused, hungry and shortchanged after how last season ended. I think he knows he can win a Super Bowl for San Francisco, and is aware that at this moment he's not far from that goal.

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