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Golden Nuggets: Rooting Hard For Joe Looney

I haven't spoken with you good folks since before the NFL Draft, if I've got things right. Which I probably do not, but we'll roll with that. For me, the highlight of this week was Tim Kawakami Tweeting that, since the media wasn't allowed in the early portions of the San Francisco 49ers offseason activities, it means that Jim Harbaugh and Trent Baalke are trying to eliminate the beat writers.

He actually believes that. It reminds me of when Alex Smith kicked the reporters out of "Camp Alex" during the lockout, and Kawakami was, of course, suggesting that it was illegal of him to do so. Entitlement is always funny, ladies and gentleman. At any rate, there might be some repeats in the links. But I don't care! Enjoy 'em, chillllldren.

You'll always hear a player's mentor speak much more highly of him than anyone else will, but I tend to hold Jeremy Newberry's opinion in higher regard than most. It's definitely encouraging to see him speak highly of Joe Looney, but I am still not ... getting my hopes up too high. Then again, I'm not crazy about Daniel Kilgore earlier. | Newberry: Looney has a leg up on most rookies (Barrows)

This isn't particularly related to the 49ers, but I think it's pertinent to pay attention to the coverage in the Bay Area, which is one reason I'm thankful for the Sports Guy. He's a radio nerd, it appears, and he's got a transcript from Ralph Barbieri on CBS 5 in San Francisco. I'd love to see Barbieri on The Game. | Ralph Barbieri interview with Dennis O'Donnell (transcript) (BA Sports Guy)

If Mike Mayock thinks that the additions of Jenkins and LaMichael James adds a new dynamic to the 49ers offense, then who am I to argue? I'm absolutely stoked when Mayock says good things because the guy is a robot programmed to be amazing at scouting. | Mayock: Jenkins, James provide 'completely different dimension' (Branch)

I confess I didn't actually watch a lot or take special notice of Junior Seau, but I won't make light of what has happened. It sucks and it's terrible for the NFL and sheds a dark light on the sport we all love. | Plummer mourns death of ex-teammte Seau, demands mandatory counseling for all players exiting NFL (Inman)

Harbaugh Visits with KNBR (

Mayock Applauds 49ers Top Picks (

Perrish Cox Welcomed with Open Arms (

A.J. Jenkins Speaks with Jim Rome (

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