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49ers UDFAs: Jewel Hampton, "Bowling Ball With Legs"

The San Francisco 49ers released a list of 17 undrafted free agents they added after the draft, which means it is time to figure out our next great Player X Was Our Future. The 49ers roster is fairly loaded, leaving few spots open for undrafted free agents. The team added seven draft picks before the 17 UDFAs, and there arguments to be made that not all seven of the draft picks will make the roster.

One player that some think has a better shot than most at making the roster is Southern Illinois running back Jewel Hampton. The man some call a bowling ball with legs measured in at the Combine at a shade under 5'9, 218 pounds. The thing that jumped out to many has to be the pair of knee surgeries he has gone through, which is similar to Frank Gore's situation when he was at Miami. Tre9er took a preliminary look at Hampton following his reported signing.

Hampton's agent posted this video of him at Southern Illinois. It obviously shows only positive plays, but he shows some intriguing skills including impressive burst and excellent vision. It is worth noting that he played in Division I-AA, so the talent level is not the best. However, the skills are intriguing nonetheless.

Hampton will need to show he can transition to NFL competition, which could make for an interesting training camp. Given the glut of running backs on the roster, Hampton will need to show he can block and use his power effectively, while also proving he can handle special teams duty.

Hampton's chances are slim, but I would not be surprised to see him become a guy fans gravitate towards during the preseason.