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Golden Nuggets: Light On Links, Where's The Season?

Would you look at that, Ninjames back for the second day in a row. It's almost like Aaron and I have worked out a schedule or something like that. Anyway, if you missed it yesterday, I ranted a whole bunch about Rock Cartwright here on Niners Nation. Suffice to say, I would be infinitely surprised if he didn't make the roster. It just doesn't make sense for him not to. I'd fear for the coverage units if he's not on them.

Anywho, we'll get you the 49ers links for the day, but there's not a ton. We're entering the wasteland part of the offseason again, the horrible time between the draft and actual, factual training camp in which nothing happens. As such, just quick links for today, chaps. Make the jump for 'em.

Report: 49ers agree to deal with sixth rounder Slowey (Barrows)

San Francisco 49ers Position Battle Breakdown: Quarterback (Brady)

49ers announce 17 rookie free-agent signings (Maiocco)

Hampton, Owusu highlight 49ers undrafted FA haul (Barrows)

49ers Justin Smith Second Best Player In The NFL According To Pro Football Focus (SB Nation Bay Area)

NFL Power Rankings: Jim Harbaugh Rounds Out Top 5 of NFL Head Coaches (SB Nation Bay Area)

Choosing the best game for a 2012 49ers group tailgate (BA Sports Guy)

Jim Harbaugh on KNBR (

Forging Success (

Being a Sheep

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