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Jim Harbaugh Comes In At No. 5 In National Football Post Head Coach Power Rankings

Yesterday, I forced our Seattle Seahawks blogger, Danny Kelly, who is on the West Newsdesk, to write complimentary things about San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. It's one of the perks of being editor and having another site's editor be on the newsdesk - I can give them the most 49ers-friendly assignments and bask in the fact that writing nice things about Harbaugh probably makes them want to vomit.

The assignment was to write a quick commentary about a recent article on the National Football Post (our good friends), in which they ranked the NFL's head coaches power rankings style. The power rankings have the aforementioned Harbaugh at No. 5 - the fifth best coach in the NFL. What's a little crazy is the guys above him: Bill Bellichik, Mike McCarthy, Tom Coughlin and ... wait for it ... Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz.

I don't get the "done so much with so little" talk regarding Schwartz, whose team has had how many early first-round picks over the last few years? At any rate, I just don't see it - I think there's a lot of questionable positioning on the list all-around, really.

Including the positioning of Harbaugh. Is that weird? I just don't see how a guy with one season can be the fifth-best coach in the NFL. I also don't see guys like Jeff Fisher are ineligible - he's not exactly an unknown commodity. But yeah, at the very least, this is a good topic of discussion and I'm interested to know a couple things. Jim Schwartz at No. 1 - LOL or LOL? And also, can you put Harbaugh in the top five after only one season?