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ESPN First Take: 49ers Randy Moss Arrives for Workouts, Discussing Potential Impact

Moss 49ers workouts
Moss 49ers workouts

A lot of football fans, not just 49ers faithful, are curious as to what sort of impact, if any, Randy Moss will have in San Francisco. The Niners brought in the future first ballot Hall of Fame receiver on a low risk, high reward, incentive-laden one-year deal. In this video, Eric Mangini describes it as a lottery ticket, "If they [49ers] hit, that's great, and if they don't hit, they haven't invested anything in the player."

Stephen A. Smith along with Skip Bayless join Eric Mangini in this discussion about Moss as he had recently reported for his first day of workouts.

Follow me after the jump for video discussion from the panel on new 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss.

Randy Moss Arrives For 49ers Conditioning Program (via ESPN)

Both Stephen A. and Mangini seemed enthused about the situation, expressing that it was a good move by the 49ers. Bayless on the other hand played Devil's advocate and mentioned the 49ers drafting of A.J. Jenkins as an indication that San Francisco doesn't expect anything from Moss.

Maybe it's because I'm an optimist that I bought into Stephen A.'s and Mangini's comments over Bayless. The information and arguments they both presented were more factual and they seemed to truly believe it. I don't think Jenkins was brought in as a security measure if Moss bombs out, but rather to learn from one of the greatest receivers in NFL history.

Remember, the 49ers didn't cut Parys Haralson in 2011 just because they drafted Aldon Smith.

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