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NFL Draft Grades 2012: 49ers Will Just Have To Show Off Later

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While most all of us agree that draft grades don't have much value immediately following a draft, they are still intriguing to consider for general discussion purposes. While it is all entirely opinion-based, I find it interesting to see how outsiders view the teams moves. The 49ers had a very distinct philosophy in their moves, and it is safe to say many people did not agree with the choices.

The folks at Football Outsiders put together a 2012 NFL Draft report card report and I have posted the 49ers specific grades after the jump. The 49ers high grades were a pair of Bs, with a low of D, courtesy of The 49ers ended up with a GPA of 2.19, which ties them with the Atlanta Falcons at seventh worst.

The Cincinnati Bengals led the way by a significant margin, scoring an A+ from four different analysts and Kiper's A- bringing up the rear for them. The Saints bring up the rear thanks to two Fs and three C-minuses. That's what happens when you've dealt away a first round pick and lose another pick thanks to Bounty business.

For those wondering, in the immediate aftermath of the draft, the largest chunk of NN readers gave the 49ers a B for their performance. B+ and B- were next in the voting.

Mel Kiper - C+ (Needs: C+, Value: B-)

Rob Rang - C

Pete Prisco - C-

Vinnie Iyer - B

Evan Silva - C+

John Czarnecki - C+ - D

Jason Cole - B

Nate Davis - 23/32 (ranked by teams)

Matt Miller - C+