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Golden Nuggets: Head Coach Power Rankings, LaMichael James Chats

Good morning everybody and happy Monday. Well, would you believe this, there is absolutely no news today. I've put a couple of links on here with news that was linked to yesterday and there's some head coach power rankings from a few days ago and that's it. It wasn't for lack of trying. I just think after all the madness of the last week and a half, most of the sports writing world took Sunday off and it was deserved. Peter King, in MMQB, explains why the NFL will never see another two month period like the one we've just witnessed. So, everyone is tired, and here's their chance to take a break. As for me, I'll use this extra time to work on some projects that I thought I couldn't get to until later in the week. Why does't everyone post a comment telling me how their going to spend their time that would have been dedicated to reading the Nuggets?

An edited conversation between LaMichael James and the boys at KNBR. He says he will block a field goal soon, among other things. | LaMichael James on KNBR. (SFGate)

And, just so there can be a few links on this links post, here is National Football Posts head coach power rankings. First place is a shocking selection. A coach most of us think rather poorly of gets the nod, while our Jim Harbaugh slinks in at 5th place. | NFP head coach power rankings. (National Football Post)

An article detailing the 49ers draft strategy. They added speed early and had to select AJ Jenkins when they did or else the Rams would have nabbed him. | 49ers add speed early in draft. (

That's it people! If anyone finds anything, post it in the comments as well. I'm sure as Monday opens up and the sleepy eyed sports departments wake up, we'll start getting some news happening, but for now...

Being a Sheep

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