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49ers Hall Of Fame Looking For Historical Artifacts

The San Francisco 49ers officially announced plans to create a physical home for the Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. 49ers Hall of Fame with approximately 15,000 square feet of space earmarked at the new Santa Clara stadium.

The 49ers former public relations director, Jerry Walker, has returned to the club as Team Archivist and will spend the next two years acquiring artifacts over the history of the franchise. According to the 49ers, the team is looking for donations and loans of nearly anything vintage such as game and practice apparel, fan clothing, printed materials like posters, programs, and magazines, collectibles, memorabilia, souviners, photos and videos, and really anything that might be attractive for the Hall of Fame.

If you are interested in potentially donating or loaning anything to the 49ers Hall of Fame, you can email Jerry Walker at If you do donate anything, let me know and we'll get some pictures up.