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Golden Nuggets: A.J. Jenkins And Jerry Rice Should Be Best Buds

Early May is like the NFL is playing a sick, sick joke on all of us fans. It's the time right after the draft and right before everything else when nothing happens. Sometimes I feel like it's a necessary purgatory of sorts - we indulge our gluttonous hedonism all throughout the season and offseason, and surely there has to be a point in which nothing is going on.

Well purgatory stinks. Hedonism is where it's at. I'm five minutes away from huddling up with the moderating crew and tackling the rest of the writing staff. Another couple of days of lacking links and I might just throw a few of you into a pit, give you some sharp and or blunt objects and make ya'll do battle for me. Anyway, I've ranted enough, onto the linkage for the day.

There's a lot of people who do "film study" that I don't agree with. On top of that, there's a ton of people I think don't actually do much "film study" of their own, and simply say that they do. Greg Cosell of NFL Films is not one of those people. He recently had a piece on the NFC West and we wrote a quick commentary on it over at SBNBA. | Greg Cosell Explains San Francisco 49ers Picking A.J. Jenkins (SB Nation Bay Area)

I love the enthusiasm A.J. Jenkins and Jerry Rice are sharing over Twitter. It makes me bummed out that Michael Crabtree was more of a loner coming into the league because I'm getting seriously pumped. Maybe that means I'll ultimately end up being disappointed, but that's how it is, no? | Rice prepping to take Jenkins on a Hill of a workout (Branch)

Interesting to see our 49ers at No. 4 in these power rankings - I'd had the impression that Grant was not hot on the 49ers at all given his earlier posts. That being said, it's hard to argue with the bit about the 49ers having the best roster top-to-bottom. Maybe I'm delusional. | 2012 NFL Power Rankings (Cohn)

Our own Dylan DeSimone gave his take on the wide receiver position and the battles that will surely take place. I personally feel that there's a good chance Randy Moss doesn't make the 53-man roster, but it is what it is. | San Francisco 49ers Position Battles: Wide Receivers (SB Nation Bay Area)

Similarly, I gave my thoughts on the running back position and those battles. I'm fascinated by the fact that Anthony Dixon and Brandon Jacobs will be doing two entirely different things for the most part, but will still be battling for the same spot on the roster. | San Francisco 49ers Position Battle Breakdown: Running Back (Brady)

First rounder Jenkins will attend rookie minicamp (Barrows)

Undrafted Jerod-Eddie added to defensive line (Inman)

Boom or Bust: Will AJ Jenkins prove the critics wrong? (Sports Illustrated)

Smith gets offseason to work on mechanics (Maiocco)

Ed Lee goes out of his way to make nice with 49ers (SF Chronicle)

I apologize in advance for linking this, ladies and gentleman. But I'm still linking it. | Terrell Owens faces his children's mothers on 'Dr. Phil' (

Plenty Left in Frank the Tank (

Where the 49ers rookies fit in (Lynch)

49ers' draft: Production prevails (Branch)

New stadium will feature Edward J. DeBartolo Sr. 49ers Hall of Fame (Inman)

Being a Sheep

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