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A.J. Jenkins Gets Ready For Jerry Rice And 'The Hill'

Since the 49ers selected A.J. Jenkins with the 30th overall pick, the rookie receiver has been tweeting back and forth with 49ers legend Jerry Rice. Although Rice does not work for the 49ers, he has been ready and willing to offer his services to Jenkins in getting him ready for the season.

A week after it sounded like Jenkins would be at his graduation this coming weekend, word from all the beat writers has it that Jenkins will actually be getting out to San Francisco in time for this weekend's rookie minicamp. He does not have a contract yet, but will report and sign an injury waiver in the meantime.

Once minicamp is over, Jenkins will have plenty of time to settle in the Bay Area and start potentially working with Rice in some form or fashion. The latest tweets have them getting ready for a run up Jerry Rice's old training grounds on The Hill:

My favorite response to Jenkins has to be this tweet:

For those who don't remember, "The Hill", here's some old video about it: