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49ers Rookie Minicamp: Report Dates For Newbies

This coming weekend, the San Francisco 49ers will join numerous other teams in hosting their annual post-draft rookie minicamp. The three day camp is only for rookies, and is the one exception to the rule that prevents rookies from participating in offseason workouts until their academic calendar has concluded.

I did a quick run-through of each rookie on the team and figured out their graduation date (posted after the jump). The academic year may end before that, but it is generally not too far in front of that date so this will give you a fairly basic idea.

Five players have already had their graduations, including sixth round pick Trent Robinson. A.J. Jenkins is scheduled to graduate this weekend, but he will stick around San Francisco for the rookie minicamp. For kids from Oregon (James), Stanford and Western Oregon (Slowey), the quarter system leaves them waiting until mid-June to graduate. They can keep reviewing the playbook, but they will not be able to join in workouts until mid-June.

Brian Tyms (UDFA), Florida A&M: April 28

Trenton Robinson (6th), Michigan State: May 5
Garrett Celek (UDFA), Michigan State: May 5
David Gonzalez (UDFA), Washington State: May 5

Anthony Mosely (UDFA), Kentucky: May 6

Kourtnei Brown (UDFA), Clemson: May 11

Cameron Bell (UDFA), Northern Illinois: May 12
Jewel Hampton (UDFA), Southern Illinois: May 12
Tony Jerod-Eddie (UDFA), Texas A&M: May 12
Nathan Palmer (UDFA), Northern Illinois: May 12
Deante Purvis (UDFA), UNLV: May 12
Giorgio Tavecchio (UDFA), Cal: May 12

A.J. Jenkins (1st), Illinois: May 13
Joe Holland (UDFA), Purdue: May 13

Darius Fleming (5th), Notre Dame: May 20
Cam Johnson (7th), Virginia: May 20
Patrick Butrym (UDFA), Wisconsin: May 20

Joe Looney (4th), Wake Forest: May 21

Kevin Murphy (UDFA), Harvard: May 24

Matthew Masifilo (UDFA), Stanford: June 14
Chris Owusu (UDFA), Stanford: June 14
Michael Thomas (UDFA), Stanford: June 14

Al Netter (UDFA), Northwestern: June 15

Jason Slowey (6th), Western Oregon: June 16

LaMichael James (2nd), Oregon: June 18