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San Francisco 49ers: Running Back Brandon Jacobs Speaks to TV49

Jacobs 49ers
Jacobs 49ers

This week in 49ers media, Brandon Jacobs had some words to share about playing with San Francisco as the Niners workouts and football school is underway. Jacobs spoke with TV49 and Scott Kegley about how the workouts were going thus far and how he felt about being a 49er.

"Football camp has been great, just getting to know my teammates, love a lot of these guys...great locker room, great character, I don't think I could be in a better locker room right now -- great talent, great coaches," Jacobs opened up with.

Jacobs acknowledged that it's a competitive group and running back and he's excited to be a part of it. "We got a lot of talented guys, we got a lot of guys helping each other...I think we've got a very, very good group." Between the talent and the environment, Jacobs seems pleased with his current situation.

NaVorro Bowman too: "I'm glad i don't got to hit him no more," said the All-Pro linebacker.

Jacobs spoke about switching from the the New York Giants over to the 49ers, considering the two memorable games they had against one another in 2011. Jacobs insisted that his days as a Giant are behind him, and he even seems to have a chip on his shoulder about it.

"I'm over here now, I don't care about what happened back there, I'm here now and we need to get one here. And I think we got a shot." He went on to reference the games against San Francisco that led him to believe they have a shot. "Just for those two games, I know they get it done," said Jacobs.

He also added something he liked about San Francisco more than New York, scheme-wise:

"What I like about here is the passing game, they include me in the passing game, which I like, which I thought all along I could do...they involve me in the passing game which I think is great. Get out, catch some passes, been working at my hands to get better at catching the football -- looking at it, tucking it and running up the field."

I think Jacobs can be a monster as a pass catching back. For that big man to catch the ball in open field and get a head of steam going could be devastating for defenses. Jacobs has been known to punish defenders with his great size.

He seems to be happy about being in San Francisco; he didn't even nag C.J. Spillman for No. 27, but instead started anew with No. 45. If Jacobs remains this humble and upbeat throughout the 2012 season, he could be very productive for the 49ers.

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