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Golden Nuggets: Of Manning, Smith And Newton

I got to thinking about how I never see most of you on any other sites here on SB Nation. I'm not talking about things like on our mixed martial arts site or our tennis site, I'm talking about on the other Bay Area teams. Then I realized the dominance that the San Francisco 49ers had and when they had it, and realized that most of us aren't necessarily in the Bay Area and have no ties to the other teams. I guess I'm interested to know what other teams in other sports are you guys fans of? Or which fighters, boxers or tennis players - things like that. If I didn't have events like UFC 146 and Roland Garros, I'd be losing my mind by now without football. The offseason blows. Onto the links, of which there are few.

Donatell not sweating Goldson's absence (Barrows)

Gauntlet of prolific quarterbacks await 49ers secondary (Inman)

Five elite QBs could make 49ers' schedule laborious (Branch)

No offer, no problem for LB Grant: 'I'm just blessed to be here' (Branch)

Decoding Harbaugh: Manning, Smith was all about money (Maiocco)

NFL Podium Awards: Niners duo rules linebacker position (

When it comes to Alex Smith, contract speaks louder than Harbaugh (Barrows)

Jonathan Goodwin on Gregg Williams, New Orleans Saints suspensions (BA Sports Guy)

Tarell Brown's mission: win a dinner bet with Carlos Rogers (BA Sports Guy)

Jim Harbaugh knocks down perception of 49ers pursuing Peyton Manning (Gin)

Vernon Davis Likes 49ers Makeup (

C.J. Spillman Eyes Bigger Role (

Roster Full of Harbaugh College Connections (

The bottom line in the latest Smith-Manning drama (Lynch)

Being a Sheep

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