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Caption This: Alex Smith And His Wide Receivers

Your Caption Here! (courtesy of <a href="" target="new">Bay Area Sports Guy</a>)
Your Caption Here! (courtesy of Bay Area Sports Guy)

Congrats to MNY49 who claimed our Caption This title earlier in the week. He sits as the current champ heading into our weekend caption contest.

Today's picture comes courtesy of Bay Area Sports Guy, who grabbed several shots at practice earlier in the week. BASG covers everything related to Bay Area sports, so swing by if you haven't yet had a chance to check out his content. He brings a unique perspective that is not beat writer dry and stuffy.

I suppose Alex Smith could be discussing the distance on a given route or something along those lines, but it's much more fun to consider the random stuff. My guess? Well, given Randy Moss' reported affinity for fishing, I'm thinking Smith is saying, "I once caught a fish thiiiis big."

So who is saying what in this picture? We've got Smith, Moss, Kyle Williams, two coaches and a handful of other players. Who is saying what?