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Golden Nuggets: Monster Sunday Edition, Stadium Pricing, 49ers as Favorites

Good Morning everyone. Happy Sunday. Too bad my internet is working at 5/9th speed so....I'm just playing. I noticed a comment about our collective internet connection and thought I'd make light of the situation. I'm going to go over the last few days and try to include all the links that have been missed, so hopefully this will be the mega-Nuggets you've all dreamed of since you were little kids. I'm going to list them by site. Or maybe my internet will tweak out and you'll get nothing. Let's have a look.

The 49ers have been named a favorite to either win or at least play in the next Super Bowl. Tre Faaborg debunks some of the myths surrounding the team. One of the better fallacies, in my opinion, is that you need an elite QB to win a Super Bowl. Generally winning a Super Bowl makes a QB elite. That is to say, the guys that are considered elite have all won Super Bowls. Bit of a catch-22 going on, huh? | 49ers as favorites. (Bay Area SB Nation)

The 49ers are looking for depth on the DL to give both Justin Smith and Ray McDonald some breathers during the season. Ricky Jean-Francois was the only backup to see significant playing time and the Niners will try to change that this season. | Niners looking for depth on DL. (Maiocco)

Speaking of depth, the amount of depth at RB suggests that Frank Gore's playing time will have to decrease this year. We obviously didn't draft LaMichael James to have him sit around. I have to think it's for the better in the short and long term to give Frank the Tank a bit of a break here and there. | Depth at RB suggests Gore will see less time. (Maiocco)

Video: Donte Whitner says, 'We expect to come out and compete for a Super Bowl.' (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Matt and Mindi on the final day of OTAs. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Anthony Dixon: Work and don't worry. (CSN Bay Area)

LB Brian Banks had his life put on hold when, as a 17-year old recruit committed to USC, a young girl falsely accused him of kidnapping and raping her. With his recent exoneration, he wants to resume his football career. The 49ers are one team who will be taking a look at him. We need the depth at OLB with our recent spat of injuries. | Recently exonerated Brian Banks wants to resume football career. (

Bay Area Sports Guy asks the question that none of us care about: Should the 49ers take a look at Ochocinco. He seems to waver on the topic in the article, but I have a resounding NO! No, we should not look at Ochostinko. Don't even make eye contact with him or he might come over here. | Should Niners look at Ochocinco. (BASG)

Both Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs have skipped the New York Giants team visit to the White House. Their showing their dedication to their new team, the 49ers. | Manningham and Jacobs skip White House. (Barrows)

Replay of Matt Barrows' live chat entitled: What we learned from OTAs. I've got so many links to go through that I'm not gonna watch it. There! Don't tell James. | Replay of Barrows' live chat in regards to OTAs. (Barrows)

Here's another story about keeping Frank Gore fresh. We're going to use our depth so that we can pick and choose when we have to ride Gore's back to victory, rather than be compelled to do it every minute of every game throughout the entire year. | Keep Gore fresh for playoffs. (Barrows)

Anthony Dixon will not forget his last carry of last year. It was that third and one in the Conference Championship. I'm sure you all remember it. It's the main reason why so many of us are not worried about him walking. | Dixon trying to keep footing, job. (Branch)

Joe Staley may be the world's nicest dude. Not only does he keep Alex Smith upright he also helps out the less fortunate on the roster. Anyone new to town, or bouncing between the practice squad and the team can count on Joe's couch as a place to stay. | Staley also provides free boarding. (Branch)

Everyone's favorite writer, Grant Cohn, gives us his top 5 running backs in the league. Well, Frank Gore doesn't make the list but he does get an honorable mention. | Cohn's top five RB. (Cohn)

Video: Sights and Sounds: Final Week of OTAs. (

Video: Press Pass: Jim Leavitt. (

LB Coach Jim Leavitt has maybe one of the easiest jobs on the planet. He has to make Patrick Willis, Aldon Smith,NaVorro Bowman, and Co. look good. I'm not saying I could do that....but, hey...I can do that. Seriously, he's been nothing less than spectacular. Getting Smith and Bowman to play at Pro Bowl level was such an added bonus to an already brutal defense. | Leavitt teaching and learning. (

Joe Looney, our rookie guard, will be this years candidate to keep a rookie blog. This is his first entry. | Joe Looney's rookie blog. (

Mike Sando gives us three under-the-radar moves that the Niners made this offseason. Signing Perrish Cox will bolster our depth in the secondary. Moving Alex Boone to RG also strikes his fancy. You'll have to click to see the third! | Three under-the-radar moves. (Sando)

Chris Burke over at has a diverging opinion on the whole protecting Frank Gore debate. Don't do it! He notes that you can't afford to waste elite talent in this league. You only get a certain window of opportunity to wear Frank into the do it now. | Don't protect Gore too much. (

This is one is fun to watch. For those of you who remember, it's a trip down memory lane, and for you youngsters, a lesson on what makes the 49ers great. | Video: Top Ten CB tandems of all-time: Ronnie Lott and Eric Wright. (

Here's the breakdown of the new stadium's pricing. This has a good graphic that shows you the stadium layout as well. Spoiler alert: you're not going to be happy. | New Santa Clara stadium announces pricing. (Mercury News)

And here we have ProFootballTalk's take on it. They say you better have a lot of Gold. That's their see? The team has a Gold Rush theme, so what the guys at this website have done is make a joke with it. | Better bring the gold if you want tickets at new stadium. (ProFootballTalk)

I hope that's enough to quench your thirst. If not...I'll be back tomorrow, and I've got the day off, so I can do it up properly, news permitting. See you then.

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