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Golden Nuggets: Can We Keep Coaching Staff Together?

Here's a limited edition of the Golden Nuggets. It's not due to any lacking on my part. The writers are all off for the weekend. Typical offseason behavior. Two good articles to check out are the Eric Branch article on keeping the coaching staff together and the piece on what makes Vernon Davis so dangerous. Branch asks the question that nobody wants to talk about which is, "how long can we keep our staff together?". You have to assume that if we have another year of defensive dominance then DC Vic Fangio's name will get called somewhere. And repeated success always means the poaching of assistants. We'll see what happens, and it's good to have the staff intact for another year, but this is exactly why windows of opportunity are so short in the NFL.

Nothing lasts forever. The NFL seems to be the place were things last the shortest...such as coaching staffs. Ours has had notoriously high turnover in recent years and Eric Branch asks how long can we keep this staff together. Some of our assistants have already been receiving attention and it's only a matter of time before one of them gets an offer they can't refuse. | How long can we keep the coaching staff together? (Branch)

A series called the biggest threats in the NFC West is underway on our sister site, the Rams' version of Niners Nation. They have profiled Vernon Davis and present us with a massive article on what makes him so dangerous. Included with the story are various embedded highlight videos. | What makes Vernon Davis so dangerous. (

Perrish Cox and Demaryius Thomas are being sued in civil court over the same sexual assault that Cox was acquitted of earlier in the year. Cox will not be able to invoke the fifth ammendment in the civil case. | Cox and Thomas sued in civil case. (Pro Football Talk)

Rumor has it that Coach Harbaugh's comments on 'evaluating' Peyton Manning have become a running joke in league circles. I don't understand why it has created any press. All coaches do it in, but Coach does it in a way that is unapologetic and a bit over the top, that's all. | Manning 'evaluation' a running joke. (Pro Football Talk)

Lastly we have an audio conversation with Patrick Willis. They ask him about the OTAs as well as Vernon Davis' statement that we should be favorites. | Audio of Patrick Willis interview. (Fox Sports)

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