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Golden Nuggets: Offense Ahead of Schedule, Bowman Off Expecting Twins

Here we go again. Another edition of the Nuggets. I'm in a bit of a rush today so you'll get some links with no descriptions but I'll do what I can. Minicamp is up and running and all signs point to the offense improving over last years sub par performance. It's hard to complain about going 13-3 and making the final four. We can only wonder what would have happened had we been able to finish a few extra drives. Or we can wait for the 2012 season to kick off and watch our new and improved offense kick some serious butt. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Here's a massive one from the official website on how the team's offense is way ahead of last year. Again, anything less is unacceptable. I mean, we did get a lot of field goals...but with the field position we had last year, there's no reason the offense shouldn't add to that. | Offense ahead of schedule. (, our sister site that covers the Rams has done another instalment of the biggest weapons in the NFC West. Last time they covered Vernon Davis. Today's victim is Justin Smith. It's a massive article with lots of video embedded of our most feared player. | Justin Smith: Why he is so bada$$. (

Dashon Goldson remains unsigned. Eric Branch details how he is keeping himself fit. He has been to at least three athletic performance centers that we know of. | Goldson keeping in shape. (Branch)

Both Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman missed camp, but were excused. Bowman's girlfriend is due to give birth to twins and Willis' reason is unknown, but listed as personal. | Bowman and Willis miss camp. (Branch)

LB Eric Bakhtiari has worked out this offseason with Green Bay's sack machine Clay Matthews. He's hoping the extra tips will help him catch on once and for all with a team. | Bakhtiari hoping work with Matthews pays off. (Branch)

OUCH! Carlos Rogers has been sidelined with a calf injury. That's why he's missed time recently. He's back at it in a limited capacity but is expected to miss out on this weeks mini-camp. | Rogers has calf injury. (Branch)

Eric Branch details a bit more of Alex Smith's offseason work with pitching guru Tom House. He's changed the way he warms up. | Smith has a new warmup routine. (Branch)

Cam Inman has some notes from the first day of minicamp. Randy Moss impressed and Colin Kaepernick did not. | Inman's notes from day 1 of mini-camp. (Inman)

Inman has the transcript from two interviews. One is with OC Greg Roman and the other is with Alex "I don't need to tell you what position he plays" Smith. | Interviews with Roman and Smith. (Inman)

What's motivating the 49ers this year? That's the topic for discussion in Matt Barrows' article. Why is attendance so high in these non-mandatory camps? Some players have clauses and bonuses tied to attendance, but Barrows thinks we also have a hard-working, blue-collar team, and that most players have the feeling that last season left some business unfinished. | Unfinished business motivates 49ers. (Barrows)

OC Greg Roman expects to see improvement all around this year. With the added pieces on the offensive side of the ball and an entire offseason under our belts, anything less would really be unacceptable. | Roman expects improvement. (

The 49ers coaching staff was kept intact for the most part. The only turnover was Bobby Engram leaving to become WR coach at Pitt, and let's be honest, our WRs were not our strong point last season. | Staff intact for run this year. (Maiocco)

Video: Matt & Mindi: Offseason important for offense. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Offseason used to improve situational offense. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Roman: Moss has been as good as you could ask for. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Roman: We are way ahead of where we were last year. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Focussing on situational football. (

Video: Press Pass: Alex Smith. ( has the whole story about yesterday's minicamp. This is their blog. | Minicamp update: June 12. (

Grant Cohn does some good work, breaking down Alex Smith's performance on Tuesday during third down and red zone situations. If you remember, those were our two biggest issues on offense last season. | Alex Smith's performance on third down and in red zone. (Cohn)

Mike Sando has some notes from the 49ers minicamp. Some guys were on the sideline, including Steve Mariucci. AJ Jenkins got deep on a play. Randy Moss is fully engaged. | Sando's notes from minicamp. (Sando)

Video: Setting scene from 49ers minicamp. (Sando) asks who's better, Patrick Willis or Brian Cushing? I'm scared to look...If they even dare to say....why I oughtta....whew!!! It's OK people. | Who's better: Willis or Cushing? (

And one thing I'm curious anyone watching the soccer? Euro 2012? I got into after living in Barcelona for some time. I read an article every now and again about how it's getting bigger and bigger in the States. So, is anyone paying attention?

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