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A Fun Offseason Post: Making Some Sitcoms

Just look at those eyes. They're begging for a star role in a new sitcom.
Just look at those eyes. They're begging for a star role in a new sitcom.

Approximately 24 hours ago, I took my last final as an Undergraduate. I had turned in my Senior Thesis exactly a week before, so recently I have been doing my darnedest to catch up on every episode of How I Met Your Mother. The show is pretty awesome, especially if you are like me in that you have a sweet spot in your heart reserved only for sitcoms.

Well, as it turns out, that sweet spot must be near the even bigger spot where my love for the 49ers goes, because all day I have pretty much only thought about the Niners within a sitcom context. I think I have a few good ideas, but would love for you guys to make up so more in the comments. If they are good, give them a rec just for fun.

Follow me after the jump for a few of my ideas.

1) Tacklers by Night. This sitcom features Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman, two seemingly innocuous guys who pal around about town. But at night, they don outfits that rival any design Nike could ever concoct in order to transform into the crime fighting duo: the terrible tacklers. Their only powers are their incredible powers of tackling - which they will always use for good. When, on occasional, these masked crusaders require assistance, they call in their trusty kicking sidekicks, Andy Lee and David Akers, to wallop bad guys with the brute force of their feet.

2) Love at First Spiral. Starring Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh this touching, yet humorous, sitcom explores the most epic bromance this side of the Mississippi. Get ready to see all the wild hijinks of Alex and Jim as they wash their blue-collared shirts at the Laundromat or clean out Jim's truck. Can anything get in the way of this love tale? Recurring guest star Peyton Manning might have something to say about that!

3) Making Jokes with Joe Staley. Okay, so this is just Joe Staley being funny. Basically The Joe Show. But who doesn't want more of that?

4) The Man and the Boy. Who is the consummate man? The manliest man who ever stalked this earth, dominating its animal life with the power of his awesome muscles? Jim Tomsula, that's who. This sitcom features Jim Tomsula and whoever is the 49ers' water boy. Due to a freak accident, the water boy has lost function of his bladder (irony, right?!). In a horribly misguided attempt to fix this, the doctors cut off his legs. Now, Tomsula begrudgingly carries him around on his broad, broad shoulders so that the players can drink. Little does he know that the water boy is teaching him important life lessons with every drop spilt upon that slicked back hairdo.

5) Show Me Your Moves! For some inexplicable and poorly explained reason, all the running backs on the team are forced to live in a cramped one bedroom, one bath apartment. The show essentially consists of them juking, running through, or spinning off of each other so that they don't ever fall down and break the coffee table.

Alright, guys, your turn. Wanna imagine a sitcom in which Justin Smith and Aldon Smith have a sort of Daniel-san / Mr. Miyagi thing going on so as to further the younger Smith's pass rush abilities? Show it off in the comments! And give a rec to others you find funny or totally watchable.