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2011 Season Recap, Week 12: 49ers @ Ravens -- The Harbowl

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On Thanksgiving Day, for the first time in NFL history, brothers faced off against one another as head coaches. Jim Harbaugh brought his 49ers (9-1) to Baltimore to play his brother's Ravens (7-3) team; both teams as Super Bowl contenders in opposing conferences.

Ray Lewis was out this game (foot).

1st quarter

Baltimore received the opening kickoff.

Ray Rice took the handoff up the gut to start the game and picked up three before being met head-on by linebacker NaVorro Bowman in the hole. Rice got a second consecutive handoff and gained only a couple more before being met by Bowman again. On 3rd down, quarterback Joe Flacco fired short in the middle to hit his receiver Anquan Boldin; Boldin worked the middle for extra yardage and a 22-yard gain.

Flacco hit Boldin again for back-to-back receptions and another 11-yards and a first down. On 2nd down, Rice took the handoff and made a cut in front of Justin Smith, found a hole and hit it for a first down off the left side before being tripped up by Dashon Goldson at the 49ers 20.

Ricky Williams checked in, Flacco went through his progression and checked down to Williams who took a crushing hit from Patrick Willis, resulting in an incompletion. Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks pressured Flacco, who rolled out to the right and threw incomplete to the end zone with Brooks draped all over him.

Billy Cundiff came out for the attempt and booted a short field goal to give his team a 3-0 lead. It was a 10 play, 55-yard, 4:39 drive the ended with strong red zone defense by the 49ers. San Francisco went three-and-out on their first possession with low-risk short plays and pressure by the defense.

Ray Rice took consecutive handoffs to start the drive and put the Ravens in a 3rd and 2. On a quick throw, Flacco released one over Boldin's head and the Ravens went three-and-out.

With Moran Norris starting at full back, Gore took the handoff up the middle on first down for a four yard gain. On 2nd down, the running back to another carry for an extra 4 yards to put San Francisco in third and short. On 3rd and 2 from the shotgun, Smith took the snap, and with pressure, fired an accurate ball to his tight end, Vernon Davis. Davis coming on the crossing route took the reception up the right side for a 20-yard gain.

On 1st and 10, the speedy Ted Ginn Jr. took an end around sweep to the left side for 9 yards. With Norris and Mike Iupati in front of him, Gore took a handoff up the middle for a first down.

With Ginn coming around in motion, Gore took another handoff up the gut for a medium gain. On 3rd and 4 from the Ravens 22, Haloti Ngata led a charge on Smith up the middle and sacked the 49ers quarterback.

David Akers came on for the field goal attempt and nailed it from 45-yards to tie the game at 3.

On first down, Flacco threw a quick slant to the rookie receiver Torrey Smith who gained just over ten yards. On the following play, Flacco went down the middle to Boldin who brought the Ravens into 49er territory. Rice went up the middle for 2 yards on first down.

Rice got the carry on 2nd and 8 but was met by Ray McDonald - just couldn't seem to get through the 49ers front seven.

2nd quarter

Aldon Smith coming off the left side got a hit on Flacco as he released it to force the incompletion and fourth down.

Chilo Rachal checked in at right guard with the 49ers offense taking the field. On 1st and 10, Smith went to Crabtree on a short hook-route for 5 yards. Smith threw deep to Ginn, who lept up for the grab over the defensive back, came back down and bolted for the end zone. With a flag on the play, the 75-yard would-be touchdown was called back due to an unnecessary chop block by Chilo Rachal.

On 2nd and 17, Gore took the handoff and slipped untouched behind the line for a loss of 1 yard. Following that play, Corey Redding sacked Smith, blowing right past Chilo Rachal untouched to take down the Niners QB.

Rice ran into a wall of Justin Smith on first down for no gain - Rice only had 29 yards on 8 carries at this point. Rice got the carry on the following play for a short gain, who was taken down by Parys Haralson. Flacco scrambled up the middle on third and medium but Whitner charged up and stopped Flacco short of the first down marker and Baltimore had to punt.

Hunter got the carry off the left side - a stretch play wide - and used his quickness to get to the edge, outrunning penetration for 9 yards on first down. Hunter got the carry out of the inverted wishbone formation on 2nd down and took it up the gut for a first down after making the first man miss.

On 1st and 10, Smith had no one open, stepped up and took a sack - the fourth of the day.

A draw play to Gore on 2nd and 12 went nowhere with great penetration by the Ravens defense. Then a 49ers false start penalty on 3rd and 12 backed them up another five yards. On third and very long, Gore took the handoff for a short gain before he was tripped up and the 49ers had to punt again.

On 1st and 10, Flacco on play-action went deep to Torrey Smith and it was picked off by Tarell Brown - however an interference penalty took the interception away and put Baltimore in scoring distance. It was a 50-yard penalty, and one could argue that Brown was playing the ball.

Rice took the handoff, made a cut and broke loose for 9 before Whitner made a touchdown-saving tackle. Rice took the following handoff and brought it to the one-foot line before he was stopped by Willis. Rice took a third carry in the red zone and C.J. Spillman shot through putting his shoulder into Rice's hip for a loss of four.

On 3rd and goal, Justin Smith gave Flacco a big hit on an unsuccessful quarterback draw by the Ravens. Brooks tied up with Michael Oher, which trapped Flacco until Justin Smith could close and make the tackle - another great red zone stand by the 49ers defense to force a field goal to make it 6-3 BAL.

On first down, Gore got the handoff up the middle for a short gain before being driven backward by the Ravens front. On the next play, Smith had Haloti Ngata all over him, but somehow Smith shook him loose and sprinted right, pointed his receiver open and hit Gore for a 9-yard gain and a first down.

On play-action and without much pressure, Smith put one in the dirt at the feet of a wide open Frank Gore. Smith in the shotgun on 2nd and 10 hit Ginn for 12-yards and a 49ers first down. Smith pumped, then hit Crabtree short in the middle for close to another first down, going with 2-minute offense now.

Smith quick released to Vernon Davis, who took it for a gain of 7 before being taken down beyond the first down marker. On 3rd and 3, Gore took the draw play for no gain but the 49ers offense came out on 4th and 3, just outside field goal range.

Smith bootlegged, took a hit and delivered to the receiver on the sideline for a first down. But the Ravens took a penalty for 12 men on the field and the Niners got the first down anyway. With 18 seconds left, Smith went deep to Braylon Edwards who was running a go-route to the end zone but it was picked off by cornerback Ladarius Webb.

Baltimore took a knee to end the half.

3rd quarter

On 1st down, Gore took a handoff for five yards before being taken down by Jameel McClain. A quick throw to Crabtree went for a gain of 8 and a first down. Gore took a pitch on first down and trying to evade blitzers, slipped for a loss of a yard. The 49ers went with an empty backfield and Ngata broke through, toying with Chilo Rachal and Anthony Davis for the Ravens 5th sack of the day.

On 3rd and 17, Suggs broke through the middle; Smith stepped up and hits Crabtree near the right sideline for a first down - a big catch by Crabtree off a great throw by Smith who had pressure. The right side completely broke down on 2nd down and Smith was forced out to the left, who ran up the left side for a first down.

Ted Ginn took the bubble screen; Crabtree with a great block sprung Ginn free for 9-yards to make it second and short. Gore broke through for his best gain of the night, with blocks by Norris and Iupati. Hunter then got 2-yards on 1st down. On 2nd and 8, the pocket collapsed and Suggs got to Smith first for another Ravens sack.

On 3rd and 18, Hunter took a handoff left for no gain. The Ravens front had completed dominated the 49ers offensive line, especially taking advantage of the right side. Akers came out and nailed a 52-yarder to tie the game at 6.

Rice took the handoff for a gain of 3 on first down. On 2nd and 7, Flacco play-faked and threw too high for Boldin. But Flacco then hit Boldin in the flat who took it for a first down before he was tackled. Rice was then tackled by Justin Smith after a gain of three on first down. Flacco fired to Boldin, but his receiver couldn't hang on with Carlos Rogers tight on the coverage.

Flacco threw to Lee Evans on 3rd and 7, and the receiver slipped two tacklers for a first down. Parys Haralson and Isaac Sopoaga rushed Flacco who got rid of it short, but Willis made the stop for no gain. Bowman then tackled Ricky Williams after a short gain on 2nd down.

From the pocket, Flacco rocketed it tight end Dennis Pitta for a first down. Still going with the pass, Flacco went short to Rice for 7 before he was tackled by Brooks. Flacco improvising, dropped it off to full back Vontae Leach who went for the first down as the Ravens continued to chip away at the 49ers defense.

Flacco then hit his other tight end Ed Dickson for a first down, completing to his seventh receiver to make it first and goal. Chris Culliver made a great play in the end zone, breaking up the touchdown throw to Torrey Smith by timing the ball and getting his hand in there.

Rice was stopped on second down and it was 6-6 going into the fourth quarter.

4th quarter

On 3rd down, Flacco fired to the end zone, hitting Pitta in a tight window for the Ravens touchdown; Whitner on the coverage. It was a 16 play, 76-yard, 7:34 drive to make it 13-6 Baltimore over San Francisco.

Ginn took the following kickoff near the 49er 30-yard line to give San Francisco pretty good field position. Smith went to Crabtree on the quick throw for a gain of 8 - the Niners seemed to have success moving it with quick throws and timing throws.

On 2nd and 2, Gore went up the middle for no gain but the 49ers received an illegal moving penalty anyway which backed them up. On 2nd and 7, a quick pass to Kyle Williams went incomplete. On 3rd and 7, a blitzing Ladarius Webb got to Smith who was then swarmed by the Ravens for another sack.

Back on offense, Baltimore's Ray Rice went up the middle on first down for a short gain. Rice on the carry again got three yards to put the Ravens in third and short. On 3rd and 4, Flacco hit Torrey Smith who sitting on his route for the first down. Ricky Williams then took it up the middle for 7 before being tackled by Whitner.

Williams went up the middle again for a short gain, just shy of the first down. Bowman and Whitner stopped Williams on third and very short to prevent the conversion.

On 2nd and 8, Smith left the pocket, looked downfield and threw to his receiver, almost picked off by Ed Reed. On 3rd and 8, Smith was chased down by Suggs who got his second sack of the day; Smith lost the ball out of bounds on the collision.

On a Ravens 3rd and 4, Flacco threw to the flat to Rice who snuck out of the backfield for a gain of 16 and a big first down by the Ravens . On 1st and 10, Williams broke through the middle for another big first down to put the Ravens in field goal range. With a fresh set of downs, the Ravens ran Williams again who only gained three on the following play.

In scoring position on 3rd and 5, Aldon Smith took out Rice at the line for a loss of 1. Cundiff hit the field goal to make it 16-6 with 3:10 left in the game.

Suggs sacks Smith for his third of the day, tying the franchise-record 9 sacks for the Ravens. On 3rd and 4, Smith fired to Crabtree in the middle, but it's broken up by Webb. 4th and 4, Smith hit Edwards for just enough yardage to convert the 1st down.

Smith then got away from the rush and scrambled up the left side for a 4-yard gain. Smith with multiple Ravens in his face just threw it away, and drew an intentional grounding penalty for a loss of yards and downs.

On 4th and 12, Smith fired to Ginn but it was dropped by Ted Ginn who should have had the catch and the first down. The Ravens take over with a minute left and San Francisco is handed their second loss of the season.

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