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Golden Nuggets: Coach Harbaugh Talking Like Superhero, Alex Smith Looks Good

So I just get off of work and sit down to write the Nuggets. Open up the sports and what do I see, but Matt Cain has thrown perhaps the best game in history. A 14 strikeout perfect game. Amazing. Oh...and sorry....OT. Should have started the article with that. And the catch that Blanco made was absolutely incredible. It's a bit crazy that the only problem the team has is Tim Lincecum. Who would have ever thought we'd be dreading his turn in the rotation. On to the topic at hand.

So Coach Harbaugh thinks that his doubters live in a diabolical world. What does that mean? I love it. We win! That's all I have to say. Who can stop the man? Now he's talking like a super-hero. Great. It's good to see the coaches making some noise. Vic Fangio also gave a Q&A session and, let's face it, we've got high expectations.

Mike Sando has a lengthy piece on Coach Harbaugh. Sando got to interview him and Coach set the record straight on a lot of topics, including 'evaluations' and his doubters (see next entry). | Sando interviews Harbaugh. (Sando)

Coach Harbaugh said that his doubters live in a 'diabolical world'. I like this kind of us against the world talk. I've said it before, but all coaches lie all the time...ours just does it with aplomb and pizazz and without apologies. GO COACH!!! There's also some video embedded here. | Harbaugh's doubters live in a diabolical world. (

Matt Maiocco has notes from the minicamp. Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree hooked up in a last play of the game scenario. Mario Manningham looked great. | Maiocco's notes from minicamp. (Maiocco)

Aldon Smith will have greater responsibilities this year and Matt Maiocco examines whether or not this will have a an impact on his numbers. | Will Smith's increased playing time mean increased stats? (Maiocco)

Did Vernon Davis predict a Super Bowl? Maybe...maybe not. He didn't want to sound to cocky but is excited about things to come this year. | Davis and his Super Bowl prediction. (Maiocco)

Video: Vernon Davis on success. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Aldon Smith: My stats should increase with more playing time. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Fangio says Justin Smith's work ethic is infectious. (CSN Bay Area)

Video: Michael Thomas says 'this was the best fit for me'. (CSN Bay Area)

Vic Fangio thinks that Aldon Smith can become a full-time player. With the full offseason of work to help overcome any holes in his game, this could be a big year for the second-year player. | Fangio thinks Aldon Smith can play full-time. (Gin)

Fangio discussed how preseason doesn't mean a thing. For example, usually a team spends some practice time preparing for the upcoming preseason game but last year the forewent that to get the most out of their practices, basically going into the games with a disadvantage. It worked charms for the regular season, though. | Fangio says preseason is not important. (Bay Area Sports Guy)

Matt Barrows has notes from yesterdays practice and notes that both Vernon Davis and Perrish Cox have looked good on a consistent basis. | Barrows' notes from camp. (Barrows)

Here's Barrows' take on the different things that Vic Fangio stated. I've noted them above so won't list them here. | Barrows' on Fangio's comments. (Barrows)

Complete transcripts from the Vic Fangio Q&A. (Mercury news)

Eric Branch has his notes from camp. Kyle Williams made a circus catch play of the day. He also notes that Colin Kaepernick was off for the second day in a row. | Branch on camp. (Branch)

Fangio has to know that the defense won't be able to replicate last years success. For one, we're playing a who's who of the top offenses in the league. There will have to be some changes. | Defense will have to change. (SFGate)

Eleven starters returning on defense. While that is not unprecedented (teams would have done it all the time before free agency) it will be a great advantage. | 11 returning starters on defense a huge advantage. (Branch)

Will Aldon Smith be the starter? Probably. But Parys Haralson was so good against the run last year, it's hard to cut his playing time. I bet more coaches wish they had this problem. | Will Aldon Smith start? (Branch)

Mike Sando notes the Mikel Leshoure's suspension could benefit the Niners. He is Detroit's starting RB and is scheduled to miss our game with them. Jahvid Best is the backup but we concussed him last year and he's been slow to recover. | Leshoure's absence to benefit the Niners. (Sando)

Grant Cohn has notes from yesterdays practice as well. A.J. Jenkins looked bad. Alex Smith was amazing. Michael Crabtree got big-time separation all day. | Cohn on yesterdays practice. (Cohn)

Video: NFL Top 100: #28 Frank Gore. (

Video: Fangio discusses defensive outlook. (

Minicamp Update: June 13. (

Slideshow from the veteran minicamp. (

Coach Steve Mariucci was in attendance at the minicamp yesterday. He watched the entire practice and said he was very impressed. | Mariucci attends practice. (

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