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Alex Smith To Michael Crabtree And Randy Moss For The Win!

The San Francisco 49ers worked on their two-minute drill offense in practice yesterday, and Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree connected on a "one-play period" score. Coach Harbaugh only allowed the offense one opportunity to score and Crabtree and Smith connected for the "win." Smith appeared to have a solid day in practice as he connected on another touchdown pass with Randy Moss.

On Tuesday, Smith pointed to the lack of physicality that no pads means:

It’s hard especially for the guys up front that really need the practice of using their shoulder pads, leverage, things like that. Even outside, the corners and receivers are used to getting press work, jam work, and you don’t get that right now.

The 49ers will have their third and final day of minicamp today. Given the lack of physicality, I find myself wondering if this improves or has no effect on any timing issues between quarterback and receivers. When training camp gets here and corners are starting to get more physical with the receivers, I have to think there will be a bit of an adjustment period.

That's not to say these three days and all the previous OTAs are useless. Rather, it's just one small part of the process in getting the offense on track and improved in 2012. As we head into next week, we'll start to take a closer look at the position battles, and who might appear to have the inside track in battles for roster spots and playing time.