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Patrick Willis Bagging Groceries, Walking A Dog, Doin' Work

Last week I posted about how Patrick Willis would be taking part in a promotion with Duracell, which would involve him helping out people who requested helped via Twitter. With a simple #PatrickPower hashtag, you could potentially get the all-world linebacker to help with the most basic of tasks.

This went down on Friday and I grabbed some pictures from the event. I realize this is a fairly random thing to be posting, but there's a certain entertainment value to Willis helping people out with random tasks. It reminds me of those US Weekly segments about stars and how they're "just like us!"

Head after the jump to check out the pictures. Feel free to caption them as you see fit!

Patrick Willis and Yogi Roth pet Tony, the two-year old Chiweenie dog after taking him for a mid-afternoon walk


Patrick Willis helps a local resident bag her groceries and carry them to the car at Safeway


Patrick Willis and Yogi Roth surprise local workers by helping unload a truck in San Francisco


Patrick Willis serves up chicken adobo to members of the San Francisco Fire Department Station 1


Patrick Willis and Commentator Yogi Roth power up a San Francisco sales team with a motivational speech


Patrick Willis...he's just like us....ok, maybe not