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Golden Nuggets: Veteran Minicamp Done, Rookie Minicamp Back

Howdy folks. I'm filling in for today, and actually out-smarted my home Internet. I was able to grab several links while at the office, and then finalized a few more later in the evening. This won't be a complete link dump, but it's more than last time. Feel free to drop in your own links.

The 49ers wrapped up their veteran minicamp yesterday. I was unaware of this but it turns out the 49ers will have a rookie minicamp over the next few days. Coach Harbaugh indicated he will be out of town building houses in Peru (yes, you read that correct), but the rookies will get a chance to work with the rest of the coaching staff. LaMichael James will be able to join in the minicamp as he officially wrapped up the school year at Oregon.

We'll have more in a bit, but free agent Brian Banks (the former HS star who was recently exonerated after pleading guilty to rape and kidnapping charges) is scheduled to be in town for a tryout on Monday. We'll see what comes of that.

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Kaepernick rebounds with strong minicamp finale (Maiocco)

Exonerated linebacker planning on Monday workout with 49ers (Barrows)

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