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NFL To Release Coaches Film For NFL Game Rewind

The NFL has made the much needed leap into the 21st century, as they announced the release of the latest version of NFL Game Rewind. For those that don't know, NFL Game Rewind allows you to go back and watch any game from the season. You can't watch it most of the day on Sunday and during Monday Night Football, but the rest of the week you can go back and enjoy all the football you want.

This year, however, NFL Game Rewind is taking a monstrous leap forward. For the first time ever, they will offer All-22 Coaches Film for entire games. Previously they offered coaches film for a few plays each quarter. For $60, you'll be able to view coaches film for all the 49ers games throughout the season.

Coaches Film shows the entire field of play, giving a bird's eye view of all 22 players on the field and what they are doing, or not doing in some cases. This is a huge step forward for analysis and breakdown. The game footage provides plenty to watch, but you are unable to see everybody on the film at times.

For example, in a passing play, if you can't see the safeties and what kind of coverage they are providing, or you can't see a wide receiver's route from start to finish, it is impossible to give 100% accurate analysis. With the coaches film at the public's disposal, we can all become smarter football fans!

And now, I'm so happy I do the dance of joy!