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Friday Night Open Thread: What's Your Pleasure?

As we head into the evening, it's a fairly quiet sports weekend fast approaching. Veteran minicamps are a wrap and minus some basic rookie minicamps next week, the NFL will go into hibernation until late July. It sucks that football is mostly off the map during that time, but the upside is that it means training camp and the preseason really are right around the corner. We are coming down the final stretch of the NFL offseason and that is a good thing.

In the meantime, as we head into the weekend, what will occupy your time this weekend and over the next six weeks? This weekend is not a monster sports weekend, but there is plenty to keep you occupied. The big event in the US is the US Open, actually based in San Francisco this year. Tiger Woods started off well and my interest in the tournament will depend on how he is performing through the weekend. I'm not a huge golf fan. I can admit that. If it's close on Sunday but Tiger is out of it, I'll probably turn on for the final couple holes. If Tiger is contending, I'm more like to watch all day Sunday.

Sunday evening, the NBA Finals pick back up in Miami with the Heat tied 1-1 with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Moving to the east coast is finally catching up with me in terms of sports viewing. I watched three quarters of game one and two quarters of game two. These late endings suck out here. But, such is life.

If you're a soccer fan, Euro 2012 has been plenty exciting with all sorts of scoring thus far. I'm not much of a soccer fan, but it makes for great background noise for me if I'm doing something else. I do think soccer in person is fun, but on television I can't really get into it.

And of course, we've got plenty of interleague baseball this weekend. I'll be catching a couple Nationals-Yankees games here in DC. I get a chance to catch Gio Gonzalez, formerly of the Oakland A's, tonight, so that should be fun. So, while not a huge sports weekend, it could develop into a solid sports weekend.