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Golden Nuggets: Brian Banks to Tryout With Niners on Monday

Well, yesterday was a great birthday for the misses. That's always good because mine is a month later and I'll have ammunition in the birthday battle. I want the following.... As for the Niners, there's really not much going on. I thought I'd go on the topic of the Giants for a few seconds to fill the dead space. Is Tim Lincecum the worse starter in the majors? I mean, a young aspiring starter, or Jamie Moyer, who was 2-8 with a 6.something ERA would get assigned. You have to be making money to have this many atrocious starts in a row, but making bad starts generally doesn't get you paid. Hmmm....a frustrating year for one of my favorite players.

On to the Nuggets...and...umm....yeah....more of a Golden Nugget (<====notice there's no S)

Brian Banks, whose story you must have heard about, is trying out with NFL teams after having spent 5 years in jail for a false rape conviction. He has yet to get signed, but is scheduled to work out with the 49ers on Monday. A former blue-chip prospect, he had his scholarship to USC revoked, and is now working hard to make a team. Hopefully someone will give him a chance to get on a practice squad and give him the time to get into proper playing shape. | Brian Banks to try out with Niners on Monday. (ProFootballTalk)

A list of the NFC West division games is about all you can expect on a Sunday in the offseason. There's no analysis, no jokes, bad layout and all. It's all you get, so enjoy it and take your time. | List of division games for NFC West. (Yahoo! Sports)

The same quarterbacks who got together recently to support Harris Barton are now a panel. They are coming together to stem the tide of concussions. They are Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Jim Plunkett, and of course, Joe Montana and Steve Young. They will here by be known as the InJustice League or something to that effect and each will use a different super power to fight concussions. | QBs get together to fight concussions. (ProFootballTalk)

Grant Cohn gives a review of the minicamp that has just closed. He's got the biggest surprises, the stars and the biggest letdown. Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, and Alex Smith all looked good. As for the letdown...the winner is.... | Cohn reviews minicamp. (Cohn)

Mike Sando addresses the topic of Coach Harbaugh and the word 'evaluation' for, what I hope is, the last time. In response to a reader's comment, Sando states that there really is no need to bring the topic up again unless Harbaugh decides to discuss it. | Sando closes the book on Harbaugh's 'evaluation'. (Sando)

And finally, Eric Branch, from SFGate, is taking a bit of a hiatus. He's got a Harbaugh-inspired au revoir for those of you who are interested. | Harbaugh-inspired send off. (Branch)

That's all folks. If anything comes up, you know what to do. I'm back tomorrow. See you then.

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