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Golden Nuggets: Should We Worry About A.J. Jenkins, LaDainian Tomlinson Retires

Well, Sunday being Father's Day and all, I would hope that none of the writers would be posting anything. After having a look, it turns out that I was almost right. There's very little on the Niners, but something happened that is newsworthy. Yesterday, one of the greats, LaDainian Tomlinson, retired from football. He ends his career as the fifth leading rusher in NFL history.

LaDainian Tomlinson calls it quits after amassing 13,684 yards and 145 touchdowns. He was the 2006 NFL MVP after winning the league rushing title and setting a record for most TDs in a season with 31. He was the most dominant runner of the last decade in my opinion and will be missed. | Tomlinson retires. (

Mike Sando has a graph showing how long current and former NFC West RBs would have to play at a peak level to catch up with Tomlinson. Frank Gore needs to gain 1,200 yds per year for the next five years to catch up with LT. Don't see that one happening, do you? | How far to go to catch LT. (Sando)

Is it time to start worrying about A.J. Jenkins? Some quotes from some of the beat writers explain just how bad he's looked during the minicamp. I trust the FO in drafting him. I just worry that with all the talent that was left on the board when he was selected there will be a lot of second guessing if any one of the top guys left at that point starts producing. | Is it time to worry about Jenkins? (Yahoo! Sports)

Here's an article about how PSLs' values can rise and fall like the stock market. Watch out Facebook. Here we come. | Playing the 49er stock market. (Mercury News)

And that's it folks. I wouldn't expect anything else to come, seeing as it was Father's Day and all. I absolutely forgot about it until I saw the post on Niners Nation today. So, yes, I missed calling home and am in the dog house. Before you all get agro with me, Father's Day here is on a different day (which I don't even know what it is) so cut me some slack. I will, then, take this opportunity to wish that all the Fathers had a great one. Feel free to discuss your day in the comments. There's not much else to comment about. about honor of LaDainian Tomlinson's retirement, who should retire next. TO is too easy a target here. Anyone else?

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