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Does Titans, Michael Griffin Contract Agreement Impact 49ers, Dashon Goldson Negotiations?

Pro Football Talk is reporting the Tennessee Titans have reportedly agreed to terms on a five year contract with safety Michael Griffin worth approximately $7 million per year. This deal is notable for us as 49ers fans because the Titans placed their franchise tag on Griffin. The 49ers have placed their own franchise tag on safety Dashon Goldson, and are trying to get something worked out with him to get him into camp on time.

Goldson has reportedly been looking for Eric Weddle $8 million per year money while the 49ers have reportedly been looking more at $7 million per year. One thing we don't know at this point is how long the 49ers are willing to go on the contract. If Goldson wants Weddle's five year, $40M deal and the 49ers are offering three years, $21 million, this goes well beyond a million dollar per year difference.

It will be interesting to see if this deal impacts the 49ers negotiations with Goldson in the coming weeks. The team has approximately four more weeks to work out a long-term deal. If a deal isn't done by mid-July, the two sides cannot complete a long term deal until after the season. Goldson would then only be able to either sign the tender or hold out.

It's honestly hard to determine how it impacts the 49ers negotiation stance without knowing how many years they are offering. If the years aren't the issue, it helps the 49ers side of things. Of course, if Goldson and his agent disagree on his value compared to Griffin, the two sides could remain at loggerheads.