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49ers Practice Video: Who Is Coming For Someone?

The 49ers released another bit of practice video from Thursday and I thought I'd roll it out for your Saturday enjoyment. Next week marks the last week of OTAs. After that, the 49ers will have a mandatory minicamp from June 12 to June 14, and then we enter the true dead zone before football returns with the start of training camp in late July.

I've posted this last video after the jump and there is one random thing early on worth noting. The video opens with Alex Smith taking a snap, dropping back and firing a pass. At around the four second mark, someone says, "One of these days, I'm coming for you." I have no idea who is saying that and to whom it is being said, but given the controversy that has enveloped the 49ers QB position for going on eight years now, it's kind of an interesting mystery. My guess is the voice is that of a coach, but I'm sure people can speculate on a variety of other people. I compared it to Colin Kaepernick's voice, and I don't think it belongs to him.

The rest of the video features a lot of offensive drills, and then some video of defensive backs dropping back and making plays on the ball. It's hard to compare anything at this point, but the DBs have shown some solid hands to date.

Head after the jump to check out the video...

49ers Practice Video