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Golden Nuggets: Perrish Cox Learning from Randy Moss, More on RC Owens

Hey everyone. How is everything going over there? I'll be there soon. I've just started to get excited, as this time next week, I'll be on a plane. What this means is that I'll miss some of my Nuggets shifts and, when I do them, they will be getting posted earlier in the evening than I am able to post them here in Australia. That's the bad news. The good news is I can eat burritos, hug my mom, see the new members of my family and enjoy a much needed vacation. I guess that does nothing for you all, but it'll work wonders for me.

In other news pertaining to me, we had an earthquake last night. 5.2 on the scale. Not the biggest, but it lasted for almost a minute. And, me, on my way to the Bay, and I've got quakes to deal with in Melbourne...huh?

As for the Nuggets, hmm...

Perrish Cox learned a lot during the passing-friendly OTAs from teammates such as Carlos Rogers and Randy Moss (yes, you read that correctly). Whenever Moss beats a teammate in practice, he explains how and why so that they'll be ready for it in game situations. Moss, what a leg-bag as my friend Eric would say (pronounced like legend). | Cox learning from Rogers and Moss. (Barrows)

With the minicamp over, Matt Maiocco begins a series where he analyzes each position group on the 49ers and today he tackles the quarterbacks (I guess he sacks them, then....yuck, yuck, yuck). Josh Johnson looked good early, but once the 11-on-11s began, there was no doubting that Alex Smith is the Man with a capital M behind center. | Maiocco examines the QBs. (Maiocco)

Maiocco discusses how the recently signed contract of Michael Griffin of the Titans may impact the Dashon Goldson situation. Griffin signed the tender, worked with the team during OTAs and negotiated a contract. Goldson, as we all know, has been a no-show to this point. | How Griffin contract could affect Goldson situation. (Maiocco)

Video: Meet the Rookies. (CSN Bay Area)

Grant Cohn called A.J.Jenkins the biggest disappointment of the minicamp. Some people have taken umbrage to his claims, Jenkins included it seems, because, well, some people don't like Cohn, no matter what he does. He responds with his unofficial stats from the minicamp for the receivers. | Cohn's unofficial WR stats from minicamp. (Cohn)

Offseason Highlights: Randy Moss. (Video) (

Offseason Q&A: Rock Cartwright. (

Mike Sando discusses the NFC West's recent propensity for drafting offensive linemen. Has it paid off? A recent ESPN Insider piece listed the top 15 OL with the brightest futures and only Mike Iupati made the list from the NFC West. Joe Staley also should be on or near making the list so I think we've fared all right. | Sando on NFC West's young OLs. (Sando)

A large piece on R.C. "Alley Oop" Owens from the website of the Chronicle, SFGate. Did you know that Alley Oop is bastardized from the French Allez Hop which is what an acrobat would cry before a trick. Well, at least that's what Wikipedia says. | Passing of R.C. Owens. (SFGate)

Another large number covering the life and time of R.C. Owens. (Mercury News)

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