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49ers Opponents News: Percy Harvin Requests Trade From Minnesota Vikings

The latest news out of Minnesota indicates that wide receiver Percy Harvin has reportedly requested a trade. The AP is reporting that a day after Harvin hinted that he would consider a holdout to start the season, the Vikings receiver has escalated matters to a full-fledged trade demand. Harvin has two years left on a rookie deal that can max out at just under $3.5 million.

A league source told the AP of this request, but also told the AP that it was doubtful the request would be granted. This isn't exactly a shocking revelation, considering the dance that is the contract negotiation. One problem the Vikings likely have in working on a long-term deal is Harvin's health issues. He has already had offseason shoulder surgery, and has also dealt with migraine issues off and on throughout his career.

Harvin led the team in receptions and receiving yards last season, while also doing some big work as a kick returner. He will be a key component if the team is going to continue developing Christian Ponder. Having him hold out falls under the bad news category in a big way for a young, developing Vikings squad. It will be interesting to see who blinks first in this, particularly with the 49ers traveling to Minnesota to face the Vikings in week three. The 49ers would be favored in this matchup at this point, but removing Harvin from the equation only further bolsters the 49ers cause.