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49ers Division Rivals: Ron Jaworski Says Sam Bradford Has "Cabin Fever"

Flee! Flee!  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Flee! Flee! (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Getty Images

In keeping up with the 49ers NFC West division rivals, I came across the transcription of some comments made by former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski regarding Rams QB Sam Bradford. Evan Silva of RotoWorld and Pro Football Talk transcribed Jaws' comments from an ESPN segment and posted them to PFT.

Among Jaws' words was a phrase he used to describe Bradford's pocket presence: "Cabin Fever". He said that when he went back and watched Bradford's 2011 tape he noticed the young signal-caller had developed a tendency to feel the rush earlier than he had in the past. He said Bradford was "tentative" in the pocket due to the perceived pass rush.

I remember commenting and writing about Bradford's rookie season, which saw good numbers overall but was comprised of many short, quick passes. Among the PFT piece, Silva wonders if all of the hits absorbed by Bradford have affected him, causing him to either throw the ball before deep and intermediate routes develop, escape the pocket, or get flustered and not make the right decision.

Bradford was sacked 70 times over 26 games to start his career. Jeff Fisher is expected to "protect" Bradford more this season by leaning on the run and short passing game even more...something with which San Francisco fans are familiar.