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Thursday Night Open Thread: Andy Lee Highlights!

As is the case these days, it's a quiet evening around the world of football. Players are heading off in their various directions so they can get some relaxation in before training camp gets going later next month.

In the world of sports, tonight is game five of the 2012 NBA Finals. I'll catch some of the game, but these 9:00pm ET tips are a pain in the butt now that I'm on the east coast. Primetime football is going to be ROUGH this coming season. The 49ers have two Monday Night Football games, two Sunday Night Football games and one NFL Network game. I'm actually hoping to be in attendance at the Seahawks Thursday game and the Patriots SNF game. That will be a little better I suppose.

As we head into the evening, I thought I'd leave you with some Andy Lee highlights I came across earlier today. Pardon the language. But yes, Andy Lee remains a badass.