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Golden Nuggets: Michael Crabtree Leading The Way

Good morning ladies and gentlemen (do we have any ladies here?). I'm happy to report that I'm here for some full, non-quick Golden Nuggets for your reading pleasure. That being said, things are still pretty dead in 49erland. I'm finding it hard to care about any of the current news, though I guess it was cool to read about Brandon Jacobs and what he did for that kid who sent him the money to remain with the Giants. IN YOUR FACE LITTLE KID, IN YO FAAAAAACE!

Anyway. There's also the Brian Banks stuff, and while I hope things really do work out for him, it certainly would have been very silly for the 49ers to add him to the roster already. Seriously do hope it works out for him though ... his story is absolutely crazy. I just can't even imagine. Anyway, let's get to your linkage, shall we? There's not a ton today.

Hey cool, the 49ers got wide receiver A.J. Jenkins signed to a contract. But was anybody expecting him to, you know, not sign? | San Francisco 49ers Sign A.J. Jenkins To Four-Year, $6.9 Million Deal (SB Nation Bay Area)

I like that Michael Crabtree is really taking control in practices. He's got some great tools and I really hope he can make that jump forward this season. I also like that Moss is doing well. While I am adamant in my belief that he will produce next to nothing this season, I sincerely hope he proves me wrong. | Moss, Crabtree set pace for all 49ers receivers (Maiocco)

This is an interesting look at Trent Baalke and the players he's brought in thus far. I personally disagree with some of the assessment, but it's a good read, regardless. | Taking stock of Trent Baalke (Cohn)

I think avoiding Randy Moss in fantasy is, you know, pretty obvious. There's no way I'd draft him on my team, and that's not just because I refuse to draft 49ers players. Well, strictly speaking I just can't get into fantasy football but ya know. | Fantasy Football 2012: Three 49ers Players to Avoid (SB Nation Bay Area)

Teenage girl arrested for beating former 49ers linebacker Ed Beard (

Letters to the Sporting Green: R.C. Owens (

Randy Moss in line to start for San Francisco 49ers (

Offseason Q&A: Joe Hastings (

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