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Niners Nation Fantasy Football Leagues: Who's In?

It's only June, but rather than do this at the last minute, I thought it would help to get our fantasy football leagues organized a little earlier. We'll be using Yahoo's fantasy football game once again, and there will be no limit on the number of leagues we have, as long as there is enough interest.

My thought initially is to just go with a very basic set of rules that can apply across the board on all of our leagues. However, each league will have its own commissioner. If we set the leagues up early enough, the commissioner of a league will be able to talk with his league members and devise alternate rules if they so choose.

If you are interested in joining an NN fantasy football league, post accordingly in the comments. When you post, include a mention of how long you've been playing fantasy football. If you've never played, but are interested in playing, include a mention of that. If we have enough people who have never played, we'll create a beginner's league. I'll act as commissioner of the league and have a co-owner who operates the team so it's all beginners.

If you have interest in being a league commissioner (or are simply willing to accept the role), include a mention of that in your comment as well. For one-off leagues like this, it shouldn't be a huge responsibility. Also, if you end up as a commissioner and have any big issues during the course of the season, I'll be available to help as needed.