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49ers Opponent News: Tarvaris Jackson To Open Seahawks Camp As QB1

It was a relatively quiet weekend for the 49ers, but some "news" has surfaced (or maybe re-surfaced) about one of their division rivals. John Clayton reported on ESPN that Tarvaris Jackson will handle first team reps when the Seahawks open camp later next month. Matt Flynn apparently has not wowed folks in offseason workouts, so it will take a little longer for him to earn the starting job.

Our friends at Field Gulls chimed in with their two cents, and as should be expected, they're not too concerned about this development. Clayton thinks Flynn will eventually win the job, and that seems like a reasonable expectation. Jackson has a significant edge on Flynn when it comes to playbook knowledge and work in the system. Jackson had plenty of ups and downs in 2011, but he also got a full season of work in the Seahawks offense. Flynn has showed some skills in place of Aaron Rodgers, but he is coming from a disadvantage in this competition.

The 49ers face the Seahawks week seven and week 16. Realistically, the starting QB the first few days of training camp should make little to no difference. As the folks at FG posted, while most fans would have liked to see Flynn come in and blow the doors off this competition, the coaching staff is content letting the QB competition play out between Jackson, Flynn and Russell Wilson.