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Golden Nuggets: Santa Clara County vs the 49ers

Hello, once again. Not much news today guys. So you'll be getting a quickie edition of the Nuggets. Besides, I'm busy getting ready for my much anticipated 2012 World Tour. OK, so I'm going to Fairfield CA, Oakland, New York City, Richmond VA, Phoenix and Bakersfield CA. Not much of a world tour, but some for some, it's their whole world. I'm leaving Wednesday morning (Australia time) and so beginning with that days Nuggets, you'll be seeing a lot less of me for a bit.

As for the news. There is one and only one story. A search of all the sports media I can possibly go through (that's a slight exaggeration) and this is the only thing anyone has...and it's not good folks.

County of Santa Clara cuts $30 million from stadium financing. (

It was first reported on Saturday that the County of Santa Clara was cutting the money from the financing. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be too much of a problem. The stadium costs are so high that $30 million dollars is a drop in the bucket. Who's making up that $30m, I don't know. The problem here isn't the missing money (the stadium is getting built with or without it), it's the relationship between the county and the team being damaged that worries me. It's so painful to watch when a team is at odds with the local government and it's generally bad business and turmoil follows. I'm a Sacramento Kings fan and the past year and a half or so have been too painful to watch. Then you start making draft picks like Jimmer Fredette to get fans in the seats. Now, I've gotten too far ahead of myself. Hopefully this is just a minor hiccup on the road to a long and prosperous relationship between the two. But beware...

Since there's no other news, I'll expect you to discuss this in the comments. What else do we want to talk about today? How about some NFC West record predictions? That's sure to get some people fired up... Is there anyone here brave enough to suggest that we won't win the West this year. Show yourself! I'll be back on Nuggets duty soon. See ya.

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