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Golden Nuggets: Vernon Davis Providing .. Discussion, At Least

Hey ya'll. I guess I can take a break from Futurama to get you guys the Nuggets for the day, though I must note that not a whole lot is going on. I mean, God forbid Vernon Davis gives us a quote to actually talk about before everybody starts hating him. While I think the chances of him doing what he said he'd do are .. slim to none, I think it's great to have goals and things of that nature.

As noted, there aren't many new links, but I'm also doing the Nuggets early. If you come across something I missed, go ahead and post the link in the comments for your fellow reader, yeah? So without further ado (and a plague upon any of you who tell me it's "adieu"), let's get to the links for the day.

I would be very surprised if the $30 million that was taken from the San Francisco 49ers and their stadium project is actually used on "teachers." Smart money is on, say, 10 percent of that money being used in such a way, while the rest is thrown back into the big ol' pile of money that shouldn't exist due to the crippling debt. But ya know. | 49ers Stadium In Santa Clara: County Pulls Tax Funds for Project (SB Nation Bay Area)

The running back position is easily the position I'm most excited for in 2012-13. There's so much to be excited about when it comes to LaMichael James and Kendall Hunter, not to mention the ever-awesome Frank Gore. Forgive me, but I don't see Brandon Jacobs doing, well, anything. | Finally, Gore has some company in 49ers backfield (Maiocco)

Hey, speaking of backfield - Kendall Hunter was named one of the best third-day picks from the 2011 NFL Draft. I'm really excited to see what he can do. I think Hunter will stay ahead of James on the depth chart and be very good when it's all said and done. | Great Starts: 2011's best third-day draft picks (Farrar)

Personally, I don't understand where all these pieces are coming from about the 49ers and their sudden depth at the wide receiver position. Frankly, none of the guys on the team are a smart option in free agency for 2012-13, regardless. | Fantasy Football 2012: What Does Randy Moss Do For 49ers Receivers? (SB Nation Bay Area)

Funding questions resurface for San Francisco 49ers stadium after board yanks $30 million (Mercury News)

In defense of Vernon Davis ....(Barrows)

Tom Osborne Discusses Stint With 49ers (

Tom Osborne Recalls Recruiting Rathman (

Jamie Williams Returns To Nebraska (

Being a Sheep

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