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Jed York & Legacy

Could we be looking at his legacy? Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE
Could we be looking at his legacy? Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-US PRESSWIRE

I would like to propose a thought exercise for you guys and gals to mull around and then speak about. If you are a frequent reader of NN, you might have noticed that I do this somewhat frequently. I enjoy these types of puzzles and sharing them with you all. Most of the time, I introduce the question before the jump and then provide my own answer after. Well, today, you will notice that there is no jump for one simple reason: I don't have an answer to my own question.

So I am particularly interested in what you have to say about this: hypothetically, if the 49ers were to win a Super Bowl under Jed York and the stadium is completed as awesomely as projected, which would more greatly define Mr. York's legacy?

Now obviously if both were to happen, we would talk about Jed as one of the 49er greats in terms of ownership. And, well, the stadium is looking like a nearly sure thing, even with the recent pull of funding on the part of Santa Clara county.

But what would the center piece of the legacy be? Escaping Candlestick, that deplorably disgusting stadium that never meant to last this long, no matter how quaint it is? (And for the record, I love Candlestick and the history there. I will be sad to leave, but she has entered her twilight years. A move is sorely needed). Or bringing back a Championship to a proud dynasty, laid low for nearly a decade?

Both seem incredibly impressive, well, because they are. And in that regard, I would imagine that it might be nearly impossible to separate the two. Maybe this mental exercise is just too impossible.

But still, if you had to choose one, which way would you go? I'll go with stadium. No wait, with Super Bowl. No wait...