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Golden Nuggets: Describing Your Fandom

We had a miscommunication resulting in no Nuggets earlier this morning. Normally I'd just power through and we'd double up the links tomorrow morning. However, given how slow things are right now, I figured links a little later in the morning aren't the worst thing in the world. Apologies to the early, early morning crowd that loves the links at 2am pacific. But, big boon to those of you getting into work around 7 or 8am pacific. Score one for you!

The links are after the jump, but I had something I wanted to bring up for something that came up yesterday, but really comes up every so often beyond that. Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get into a minor twitter squabble over the site's name. Every so often I get a tweet from a 49ers fan declaring that "We're not a nation, we're an empire!" Or, "We're not a nation, we're the faithful!" Never mind the Raiders fans that get pissy with me because they think they're the only nation out there.

I came up with the name for the site in December 2006 and we've built our brand around that. While we are not going to change the name of the site, I am curious about people's thoughts on this whole Nation vs. Empire vs. Faithful debate. Personally I've never understood why people get in such a huff over it. Considering we're all a part of SB Nation, I think it's even more pertinent of a name.

Am I really drilling home some kind of grave insult by calling this site Niners Nation?

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Being a Sheep

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