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Golden Nuggets: Patrick Willis Well-Deserved In Top 10

Hey folks. The mix-up with the Golden Nuggets yesterday was mostly my fault. There was an incorrect date in an email to me but a correct day, and it threw me off and I didn't bother to double check. Which also means I didn't know I was supposed to be doing the Nuggets today, either, so we're just going to get to your Nuggets quick-like. There's obviously not a ton of new links anyway, so let's just into it, and be sure to post up any you find in the comments.

Willis honored as one of NFL's Top 10 players (Maiocco)

How training camp shapes up for tight ends (Lynch)

49ers Vs. Saints Nominated For Best Game Of The Year at 2012 ESPY's (SB Nation Bay Area)

Kendall Hunter enjoys the full offseason, learning experiences (Gin)

Fantasy Football 2012: Three Potential Sleepers on the 49ers (DeSimone)

Ring leaders: 49ers looking for an edge through boxing (Barrows)

Vernon Davis' supposed audacity needs context (Lynch)

Harbaugh coaches in unlikely locale (Maiocco)

Carlos Rogers: Jim Harbaugh 'a little crazy' with 49ers (

City officials OK Joe Montana talks (

Kyle Williams Fights to Keep 49ers Spot (NBC Bay Area)

Top Five 49ers, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, 21-25 (Cohn)

Why Alex Smith doesn't make the Niners top 15 (Cohn)

On Solid Ground (

Being a Sheep

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