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Golden Nuggets: No News is Good News They Say

Good morning all. How is everything in the Bay? Hope everything is well. I've chosen the title 'No News is Good News' because you'll notice what the headlines are for my beloved Giants. Pablo Sandoval is being questioned on sexual assault charges. During the time of year when there's not much going on, it's good that the Niners are keeping their noses clean. On a brighter note, I've noticed my Giants are starting to pull things together on the field and are on a roll. I'm forced to talk about the Giants, because there's no Niners news.

And in other baseball younger brother, Daniel Castillo, finished his college baseball career at Prairie View A&M. They won their conference tournament and made it to the Houston regional. They lost both games there by one and two runs respectively. He finished his college career without a loss (15-0 I think) and finished the year with a 1.76 ERA and 4 walks to 30 strikeouts. Not bad. I'm proud of him. Give him a hand.

To the links!

Who's got it better at QB? The Niners or the Raiders? I think that's a ridiculous question. Even if you're not a fan of Alex Smith, at least he only cost one 1st round pick. Aside from the starter, I think we have a better future at the position. But, BASG stands for Bay Area Sports Guy, so he can't compare the Niners and the Panthers (has that even been done?) | Who's got it better at QB, Niners or Raiders. (BASG)

If I have to explain this to you, then... | Video: Sights and Sounds OTAs. (

Video: Dobbs tries his hands at TE. (

And on a slow news day, I'm forced to do the unthinkable. I'm adding a link about the St Rams. Their stadium upgrades were rejected by the stadium authority. This means that their stadium lease will revert to a year-by-year basis in 2015. Just in time to move to LA and make the NFC West full of West teams. Note: my dad grew up in Oceanside, CA and has remained a Rams fan to this day. | Rams stadium upgrades rejected. (Sando)

And here's an offseason breakdown for the Arizona Cardinals. Again, I'm debasing myself by covering the entire division due to lack of Niners-based Nuggets. NFC West Nuggets just doesn't sound right. | Arizona Cardinals offseason breakdown. (

Being a Sheep

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